Crowd Occupancy and Crowd Control uses video analytics to optimize business intelligence and operation management through real-time event handling and comprehensive reports

  • Line Counting
  • Area Counting
  • Crowd Detection
  • Queue Detection

Along with VIVOTEK’s CCTV solutions KCS offers VIVOTEK’s SC8131 and SC9133. These offers Crowd Occupancy and Crowd Control and you can use the solution in your retail or office space to get detailed insight in crowd management.

Key Features

  • VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology
  • High Accuracy Rate up to 98%
  • Local Storage Data for Counting Report
  • Easy Installation and Configuration
  • Seamless Counting with VIVOTEK VAST CMS (Central Management Software)

VIVOTEK’s SC8131 is a stereo counting camera, armed with VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology and video surveillance functionality, providing real-time precise tracking video and high accuracy counting up to 98%. The stereo camera generates data information such as people counting, flow path tracking that applied to in store layout improvement, promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of service times, providing business owners key metrics to effectively make operating decisions and increase ROI.

Mounted over a store entrance, the dual-lens camera enables the stereo vision to accurately track the 3D positions of objects moving across the field of view. Adults or children, single individuals or groups, can be distinguished from non-human objects such as shopping carts and strollers, providing accurate counting analytics even at the busiest and most congested times.

Furthermore, seamless integration with VCA (video content analysis) reports in VIVOTEK’s VAST, the metadata is displayed in comprehensive graphs and line charts, making the SC8131 ideal for retail analytics. The computation of height disparity data is embedded in the stereo camera, instead of sending video streams to a dedicated computer running a separate analytics software. The counting solution saves bandwidth and reduces the risk of data loss in the event of network or power disruption.


  • VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology
  • Up to 98% counting accuracy rate
  • Real-time data (system/counting/daily reports; time/region reports)


  • Object tracking path
  • Filter carts, children and strollers
  • Bi-directional counting on definable flow
  • Detection of U-turns to avoid double counting
  • Not Influenced by shadows, reflections or glare conditions

Video Security

  • Video surveillance (viewing and recording)
  • Multiple video streaming
  • Remote management
  • Seamless integration with VAST CMS

Easy Installation

  • Discreet ceiling mount
  • Compatible with 4″x2″ electrical box

Key Features

  • AI People Counting Accuracy: up to 99%
  • Deep Learning AI Classification Capability
  • Outstanding Detection Area for Better Coverage (from 140° Fisheye FoV)
  • Wide Dynamic Range for Challenging Lighting Condition
  • White Light LEDs for Low Light Counting
  • Fully Vehicle and Railway Compliant


VIVOTEK’s SC9133 is a counting camera, equipped with our latest AI Deep Learning people detection and classification technology, accurate up to 99%. AI-based Passenger Classification simultaneously counts people and distinguishes object types (e.g., bicycle, wheelchair, stroller, etc.), ensuring only people are counted, reducing false detection rates.

Designed for buses and trains in operation, SC9133 possesses a wide field of view, covering more ranges. With WDR and white light LEDs, the camera is adaptive to changing lighting conditions of moving vehicles. SC9133 comes with a choice of mounting kits for different height requirements. Flat or tilt positions.

Comprehensive and precise passenger flow data collected by SC9133 provides valuable data for optimizing mass transit routes and schedules. The information gathered by SC9133 can further be used for controlling vehicle occupancy, and mitigating fare avoidance passengers.



  • Up to 99% accuracy
  • Flexible installation
  • U-turn counting option
  • Bi-directional counting


  • Fisheye Surveillance with sound
  • Enable AI classification with Firmware upgrade (Bicycle / Wheelchair /Stroller, Adult/Child, Luggage)


  • EN50155 for rolling stocks
  • E-Mark certification
  • EN45545-2 fire protection
  • ECE R118 flammability certification
  • IP66 and IK10 ratings

Accurate Passenger Counting

  • Fast Moving
  • Crowded
  • Large Objects

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