Alutel mobile reader tablet allows you to read access cards  and is capable of reading barcodes, QR, HID Prox, HID iCLASS, PIV cards, AWID and more. The Alutel Mobility Suite 6.0 APP on the mobile tablet  generates access events, panic alarms, as well as live and historical tracking. Most importantly, the end user benefits from an access control solution without the need of physical facilities.

In cases where there are no physical facilities, enterprises still need to guarantee the safety of their personnel. Alutel Mobility solution can verify the identity of the employees that access the site. Guards can read employee access cards and grant or deny access depending on the access rules.

Features and benefits

  • Physical facilities not required: mobile solution does not require any installation
  • Offline mode: Wireless communication is only needed to synchronize the information. Every event made in the mobile reader is stored in the local database until communication with the server is restored.
  • Live & Historical tracking: Real-time location of each mobile unit. Historical tracking can reveal past mobile unit position.
  • Multiple card technologies: TWIC, HID PIV, Barcodes, QR, HID Prox, HID iClass, MiFare, AWID, Legic and many more
  • Access events depending on access rules: Grant or deny access to events depending on the access rules assigned to each person.
  • Panic alarms: Request help by sending an alarm event that can be located on a map.

Ideal for use in remote locations and open areas where wired access control possibility , oil and gas facilities, offshore oil rigs, power stations, ports and airports where there is limited scope for access control placements , mobile access is ideal and can be used by guard stations and outpost security personnel which allow employees access. Using an Enterprise Access Control System such as Lenel OnGuard, Employees can maintain their Existing Access Card to enter special open areas without needing to assign a separate card.

Also the Alutel mobile reader tablet with the Alutel Mobility Suite 6.0 APP has a Mustering module. Mustering is the solution for emergency situations that require evacuation, helping to account for people that are on-site, differentiating if they are safe or at risk and/or danger.

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