KCS provides advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems based on your needs to protect your organizations facilities, warehouses and installations from external intrusion and threats from outside elements. As the need arises to protect your facilities, KCS can help you identify the best Perimeter Intrusion Detection solution that suites your scenario. KCS has considerable experience in deploying effective Perimeter Intrusion Detection security systems for many installations in Kuwait for oil fields and governmental facilities.

• For more information on the product contact at sales@kcs.com.kw

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Features include:
• Superior performance against Inertia sensors
• Provides detection of “Gross attack” to external walls
• Easy to install and maintain
• Complete solution available in kits
• Designed to protect walls and roofs of buildings
• Provides an early warning attack, prior to entry
• Intrinsically Safe system also available for Hazardous Environments
• Intelligent signal processing provides your customised solution
• Designed to detect entry on all rigid barriers Unique detection for walls, railings and ornamental fences
• Programmable to differentiate between hostile and benign signals
• An invisible approach alarm system
• The Dual Cable system detects intruder speed and movement
• Flexibility of application and customised configuration

For more information on the product contact at sales@kcs.com.kw

Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

PIDS solutions are normally deployed to protect your facilities against external threats and give you an early warning. KCS can provide custom solutions from our PIDs vendors to meet your complex integration requirements. KCS also provides integration solutions with PIDS and Lenel OnGuard for alert management.

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