A turnstile or entrance control system is designed to deter or completely stop unauthorised entrants, whilst enforcing the use of an access control system to ensure the ‘one token one person’ rule applies. Security levels vary depending on style and type of the products. Kuwait Computer Services provides various types of turnstiles solutions to secure your premises including:

  • Security Portal
  • Rising Arm Barrier
  • Tripod Barrier
  • Full-height Barrier
  • Sliding Barrier
  • Optical Barrier
  • Pass Gate
  • Rotating Barrier

Turnstile solutions help in preventing the most common access control violations such as tailgating, passback and unauthorized entrance attempts, ensuring a safe working environment for staff and visitors in your offices and buildings.

Systems Integration

Security turnstiles can be integrated with the following peripherals, with many physically integrated within the body of the units:

• Face Recognition Terminals
• Card readers; proximity and swipe, smart cards etc.
• Key pads
• Biometric systems
• Cameras
• Lift destination control
• Card collection systems
• People counters
• Coin/token collection
• Building Management systems
• Fire/intruder
• Asset protection
• Metal/explosive detection
• TCP/IP Ethernet networks

Please contact our presales team for any specialized integration as scenarios and requirements may vary.

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