Lenel S2 is a worldwide provider of open-platform security solutions with integrated access control and video management designed to meet current and future needs. In 1995, Lenel launched OnGuard®, the first open architecture security platform, to help customers achieve ultimate integration flexibility on every aspect of their system.

The open architecture that allows OnGuard to integrate seamlessly with advanced third-party technologies also enables cost-effective system migration and protection of legacy investments.

Our commitment to high level training of staff and our expertise with Lenel products ensures the right choice to deliver on-going service and support.

Lenel OnGuard software for access control management application is an inclusive system for feature-rich alarm monitoring module, IP-enabled controllers providing world-class door security.

OnGuard Access:

OnGuard Access is a feature-rich access control application that includes a robust alarm monitoring module, plus built-in support for card technologies, biometrics and wireless access control devices.

Blue Diamond Access:

For flexible migration to mobile credentialing, the BlueDiamond readers work with both existing badges and mobile devices, and include a wide range of options that support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

Controllers & Modules:

Lenel controllers and extension modules provide enhanced flexibility while making it simple and cost-effective to expand your system.

OnGuard Access manager offers scalability within a single, seamlessly integrated software solution that supports an unlimited number of card readers, alarm points and cardholders. It meets the needs of a small organization with a simple two-reader system, similarly of a large companies with numerous facilities and thousands of card readers located around the world. The latest version of Lenel access control management system – OnGuard software unifies cloud compatibility, mobile access credentials and cybersecurity. Its browser clients and a next-generation visitor management suite adds to its already substantial capabilities. The visitor management suite delivers a concierge-like experience, enabling front desk attendants to utilize mobile devices to manage visitors, capture photos or even print badges.

Cybersecurity enhancements include support for third-party authentication solutions. Kuwait Computer Services can help you with procuring Lenel software applications and licenses in a quick and convenient manner. Including value added services like design, setup , deploy and training for all your complete security management.

OnGuard Enterprise

OnGuard Enterprise is the industry’s first multi-server, synchronized database solution designed for enterprises with multiple facilities spread across geographical areas, providing support for unlimited expansion.

Enterprise Features

Central Database Storage Facilities:

Gives corporate security and IT managers complete command and control over all system and event information

Autonomous Regional Operations:

Provides regional system administrators with control over individual regions, independent of the enterprise server and corporate wide area network

Multi-Database Synchronization:

Regional servers synchronize with “parent” enterprise servers, sharing access control and cardholder information

Scalability for Multinational Sites:

Powerful, transaction-based architecture allows the system to grow and expand as the organization grows

Third-party Database Interface:

Enables bi-directional communication with third party databases – such as human resource systems – to transfer cardholder information

Single Card Enterprise Solution:

Provides all cardholders with a single ID card, usable at all regional sites in the system, while supporting unlimited cardholders and unlimited simultaneous users

Multi-regional Monitoring and Administration:

Allows system operators to monitor alarms in multiple regions simultaneously, and enterprise system administrators to configure and administer multiple regions from a single site.

OpenAccess Alliance Program:

The LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance program (OAAP) offers open integration and customizable solutions have been tested and certified.

Kuwait Computer Services is an Authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for LenelS2

As a trained and authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for LenelS2, Kuwait Computer Services (KCS) designs, implements and manages LenelS2 solutions, including OnGuard, from concept to completion. LenelS2’s comprehensive offering of security products is scalable to meet future needs, and when combined with Kuwait Computer Services ‘s full-lifecycle approach, we ensure your people, property and data are secure for the long-term.

Kuwait Computer Services (KCS) extensive experience with LenelS2’s OnGuard software platform makes us uniquely qualified to design and deploy your OnGuard-based security system. Our certified technical and pre-sales team are well-versed in this solution and the third-party integrations often used with OnGuard.

KCS provides the highest level of service and value to our LenelS2 customers due to our:

  • Design & deployment capabilities
  • Multiple factory-certified technical resources
  • Security System’s and Standards requirements expertise
  • Solid background working with the many third-party integrations with the LenelS2 OnGuard security management solution

For optimal protection, control and longevity from your security program, partner with BKCS to integrate your LenelS2 security solutions.

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