KCS provides IoT & Environmental Monitoring Solution in Kuwait. With our WatchNET IoT solution offering we offer Wireless Environmental Monitoring solution (Sensors, Gateway, Interface & Software) for every industry it touches adapting LoRa technology. Easy to install. Long battery life. Astute Visual Dashboards. Realtime Notification & Cognitive Reports. IoT touches every industry, including Agriculture, Healthcare, Data Centers, Manufacturing, Smart Building, Asset Tracking & more

Some of the use cases of the IoT and Environmental Monitoring Solution include (click each to know more):

  1. Data Centers
  2. Smart Hospital Management
  3. Smart Parking Management
  4. Cold-Storage and Climate Controlled Storage
  5. Industries and Factories
  6. Vape Detection

Wireless Data Center Monitoring Solution

WatchNET IoT alerts you if one of your critical equipment is down because major outages & data interruptions are expensive. Data centers have become an indispensable part of modern computing infrastructures; housing business-critical applications and information.

Hence maintaining the data center is highly challening & to ensure smooth functioning all the time. Wireless IoT sensors (loRa) and connectivity are being used to ensure optimal performance of critical data center equipment to maximize uptime, increase energy efficiency, lower operating costs and above all else, protect the physical servers & networking equipment. Here are few critical IoT applications for data center infrastructure management.

  1. Temperature & Humidity for server racks
  2. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  3. Water Leak Detection for raised floor
  4. Remote Power Monitoring
  5. Security & Access for secured areas
  6. UPS Monitoring IN/OUT current
  7. Server / Switches power monitoring
  8. Vibration Sensor for server racks
  9. Wireless IR Blaster / Siren
  10. Light Sensors
  11.  Occupancy / Motion Sensor
  12.  Indoor Air Quality & MORE…

With over 100+ wireless sensors; WatchNET IoT solution bestow optimum performance and provide best environment for Server Rooms, Data Closets, and Data

CHALLENGES in Data Center Monitoring

  • Managing the Air Conditioning equipment from breakdown during the peak summer & preventing failures of heating equipment during colder months.
  • Equipment damages from severe temperature changes & water leak etc…
  • Equipment breakdown will consistently result in significant repair & replacement cost
  • Occupational discomfort & air quality resulting sick building syndrome
  • Protecting assets (equipment), periodical maintenance/fixes & Energy audits
  • Struggling to lower capital expenses & operational costs of multiple facilities

BENEFITS of Monitoring Data Center using IoT

  • Reduce Energy Consumption: Wireless IoT helps in monitor & reduces energy consumption. This translates into significant financial savings, as well as much more efficient & effective approach to meeting green goals.
  • Improve Data Center Efficiency: Smart technology identifies overused and underused areas in the building, providing the opportunity to optimize space utilization which can save money and facilitate growth.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Detect device performance & activate maintenance procedures before an alert is triggered with strong insight. It’s easier to implement maintenance at the right time.
  • Increase Productivity: Data Centers are designed to deliver a more comfortable experience for servers & equipment. They help ensure making systems more productive as a result.
  • Better Use of Resources: The data generated by a smart building provides key insight that can be fed into planning and use of resources. Meaning no more guesswork when it comes to resource management.

RESULTS after Installing IoT Sensors

  • Prevent down time and costly damage due to malfunctioning of equipment
  • Leverage inexpensive wireless devices that can retrofit an existing building to monitor & control critical systems
  • Real-time cloud visualization & operational status of the assets (anytime & anywhere)
  • Adaptability of OT (operational technology) with innovative technology
  • Overcomes the cost, scalability and interference challenges of legacy equipment with future-proof IoT connectivity
  • Saving operational cost, minimal downtime & better RoI
  • Better performance, intelligent control, quick detections & secured

Smart Hospital & Health Care

Whether you’re monitoring public parks or protecting staff and inmates at prisons and corrections facilities, many government agencies use IP video surveillance. Using a secure network makes your video surveillance system secure, so your files will be protected.

CHALLENGES in Monitoring Smart Hospital & Health Care

RESULTS after Installing IoT Sensors

Although senior citizens are being taken care, but it is very important that their children should be well informed about the health stature & environment such as

Smart Parking Management using IoT

This Wireless Surface-Mounted Smart Parking Sensor used to detect detect the presence or absence of parked vehicles in a parking space.

This smart parking vehicle detection sensor can be used to detect if a vehicle is parked in the parking spot. Also, detects the presence or absence of parked vehicles in a parking space. It uses the wireless communication module to add vehicle status information to the gateway, and displays the collected data in the gateway.

This device uses a geomagnetic sensor and radar sensor for simultaneous detection. When the car is parked/placed on the geomagnetic surface, it measures the geomagnetic intensity to judge the existence of the vehicle and the radar senses the car parked above the device.

Wireless Surface-Mounted Parking Sensor

This smart parking vehicle detection sensor can be used to detect if a vehicle is parked in the parking spot. It uses the wireless communication module to add vehicle status information to the gateway, and displays the collected data in the gateway.

This device uses a geomagnetic sensor and radar sensor for simultaneous detection. When the car is parked/placed on the geomagnetic surface, it measures the geomagnetic intensity to judge the existence of the vehicle and the radar senses the car parked above the device.

in Parking lot
Property Managers experience the complaints from the drivers that they unable to monitor whether there is a parking space available in the parking lot or not
Wired sensors are cumbersome and costs a lot for the retrofit projects
Traceability became an issue during disconnection with the wired sensors as the parking area might be large
Mostly the parking lots availability can be checked at the premises OR by the parking management operators
Installation Time & Labour Intense
Organize your parking space in minutes
Effectively utilize the parking space
Quick space allocation
Clean flow & reduced traffic
Track occupancy
Automated & systematic parking
Minimize human error & maximize results
Increase customer’s parking experience
Revenue generating
Eradicating illegal parking collections
Booking space in advance *
Allot parking area on a long-term basis (weekly/monthly/annually) *
Allocate guest parking by parking space owner/s *
*API available to integrate with 3rd party parking management software

BENEFITS of Parking Lot with IoT Sensors
RESULTS after Installing IoT Sensors
ENVIRONMENT: Smart Parking is to reduce the time taken and the hassle free to find the locating parking space. It reduces CO2 emissions, noise and other pollutants if space found quickly. Smart Parking can be combined with Smart Environment, measuring air quality and parking space availability.

CONVENIENCE: Able to quickly identify a space reduces frustration and improves the overall experience & Real-time monitoring of parking space

REAL TIME DATA & INSIGHTS: Providing better control for consumers, visitors, businesses, and law enforcement representatives. Smart IoT Parking provides apt data sets that can be used to identify trends, peak times and other metrics that can be used in forecasting and reporting.

REDUCED TRAFFIC: Helps the driver to know exactly where they need to park & it reduces idling and unnecessary driving – therefore optimises traffic flows in built-up areas.

OPTIMIZATION: Optimizing space and time in a tight and busy urban environment. IoT-based parking facility management tools will help business owners make the most out of the space available which helps in business for shopping mall owners too.

Cold Storage Automation and Climate Controlled Storage

Cold storage automation or special climate-controlled facilities like laboratories are at risk when the environment is not scrutinized. Vaccines that are not stored and administered under ideal conditions cannot ensure the effect that’s intended by the manufacturer.

Cold storage automation for food and also warehouses need to be under similar environmentally monitored conditions.

Government electronic compliance records and exchange of health information put much pressure on employees to keep up-to-date logs in their storage.

An automated process by the WatchNET IoT platform makes things easier for employees and corporations.

Industries and Factories

Industries, Factories and large establishments share similar challenges in environmental monitoring. Many aspects such as water leak, temperature, humidity, air quality, level of carbon dioxide and so on have to be monitored constantly. Many times changing configurations of floor layouts need relocating of these sensors for optimum results.

WatchNET wireless sensors are easy and simple to use because of the long-range signals. Preventive and predictive maintenance suggestions from our IoT platform can ensure smooth operations and very low downtime.

WatchNET IoT offers fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions to help keep an eye on the maintenance of machines with a variety of sensors.

Restaurants and Food Industries

Manual tracking of freezers and refrigerator temperatures is time-consuming and cumbersome. Temperature variations of freezers may harm food, equipment, and inventory loss.

Food safety compliance is a vital factor that is always associated with environmental conditions.

The labor-intensive process will lead to erroneous data available in the logbook. Managing the associated equipment should be flawless, with a good Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing operation costs, improving performance, preserving the equipment with the current market trend, and complying with local regulations/food safety. Take the proactive measure and resolve the issues ahead before they might develop into more major issues.

WatchNET IoT’s Wireless Environmental Solution is ideal for Smart Building Automation, HVAC & Security.

Why do we need IoT in the Restaurants and Food industry today? Supermarkets, Restaurants and Franchise Stores are becoming very busy these days as people prefer eating out and spending time in choosing their food supplies carefully. With these changes happening rapidly, it is a must that day-to-day operational challenges require environmental monitoring. Monitoring in restaurants must not become an added burden to the food industry or an added task to their already busy schedule.

WatchNET IoT industrial quality wireless devices can be installed to monitor and measure key metrics through IoT for restaurants and the food industry to ensure compliance that are required in the facility.

Our devices not only monitor the environment but also help understand the behavior of their employees and understand the efficiency of their equipment. that will convert to energy savings and provide a quick return on investment.

CHALLENGES in Restaurants and Food Industries

  • Temperature variations of freezers which may harm food & equipment
  • Either frost build-up or warm temperature spoil the inventory
  • Freezer door held open leads to equipment stress & energy wastage
  • Waste of food leads to disposal & restocking will harm the busines
  • Non-compliance of HACCP & safety protocol
  • Manuel health check of equipment & record keeping
  • Improper monitoring will lead to compressor failure, strange noise & leaking water
  • Monetary loss, waste of time & energy

BENEFITS of Monitoring Restaurants and Food Industries

  • Real-time Monitoring of Freezers, Refrigerators & other Equipment
  • Alerts: Temperature, door left-open, motor & condenser abnormality & more…
  • Maintain the controlled environment / equipment & evade from spoilage
  • Avoid the equipment failure & inventory loss of food
  • Prevention of equipment failure & protection of refrigeration assets
  • Eliminate manual data logging with fully auditable data for food inspection
  • Be a HACCP compliant using wireless temperature & humidity sensor
  • Maintain encrypted time-stamped data logs electronically

RESULTS after Installing IoT Sensors

  • Avoid potential food spoilage through failing cooling equipment
  • Improved quality & safety of refrigerated foods
  • Alerts on temperature fluctuations & freezer door ajar
  • Ensure food, customer & staff safety procedures all the time
  • Be a HACCP compliant & automatically monitor & implement the regulations
  • Minimal roll-out costs & quick ROI in months for rest of life
  • Reduced energy & labor cost. No manual quality inspection processes

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