KCS is a local Kuwaiti Company established in the mid 1970’s. The company since inception strived to become a key player in Kuwait IT & Telecom sectors. Today, KCS is recognized as one of the specialized Digital Security & Surveillance solutions providers.

The company has an international strategic alliance that covers a large scope of technology. LENEL Systems International is one of the most important international technology providers used by KCS. Both companies enjoy an international strategic alliance that enables effective solutions delivery to clients with global reach.

In addition, the company is equipped by local and global engineering teams that work on project management and technical support. The strength of KCS resides in its yearly certification of the engineering teams and their constant update to inhouse technology systems.

KCS can be your local partner in producing solutions that meets your needs as a valued client. The modularity of the solutions enables the company to have incremental deployment plans.

Maintain up-to-date high level in-house expertise to develop and localize solutions as per market requirements. This is reinforced by sustaining the partnerships with the international network of technology providers

Become the Premium System Integration Solutions Provider for the Region

Corporate social responsibility forms an important component of  Kuwait Computer Services’s mission and goals. The company was founded in the heart of Kuwait in 1976, and its CSR program is dedicated to giving back to its country.

The focus of its CSR is to ensure that its programs have a lasting impact and benefit for our beloved Kuwait and its people.

Spurred by our social responsibility, we avidly take part in social activities, support worthy causes.

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