stericrowd: The High Volume Hand Sanitisation System

Perfect for locations of high traffic (stadiums, supermarkets, etc.) where hand sanitisation is needed to mitigate the risk to your staff and the wider population.It increases the general hygiene of high throughput areas limiting the spread of disease and the build-up of infection points.

sterisecure: The Access Control Hand Sanitisation System

In situations where 100% compliance is required by staff or customers, our SteriSecure system integrates into your existing access control systems to enforce sanitisation.It guarantees 100% hand sanitisation compliance by integrating hand hygiene into your access control systems.

For more information on the product contact at / Mobile: 97221371 / 97221373 / 97221375 / 97288501


Meets the inevitable demand of thorough body sterilization and neutralization of potential infection riding along human carriers, Vantage introduces its Integrated Human Body Disinfection Channel with face recognition & temperature measurement terminal.

  • 360° disinfection to ensure complete body is sterilized from all directions
  • 100% safe for human use
  • Fully automated non-contact portable chamber for rapid deployment
  • Independent hand sanitization area for thorough sterilization
  • Integrated face recognition access control terminal with face mask detection
  • Precise body temperature measurement with accuracy of ±0.3 °C ~ ±0.5 °C
  • Inbuilt alarm on fever detection
  • Effortless non-contact solution saves workforce

For more information on the product contact at / Mobile: 97221371 / 97221373 / 97221375 / 97288501

Current catastrophic situation made us realize the importance of hygiene for safe environment. To rejuvenate the idea of hygiene a smart detoxifying unit “SELFCHECK” for fighting the global pandemic.

Touchless “SELFCHECK” automatically measures body temperature in seconds. “SELFCHECK” is invaluable solution for quick detection of illnesses and reduce the spread of bacteria & viruses, it vets staff members and the public before entry to premises such as Schools, Malls, Restaurants, factories, Railway stations, Airports and Corporate offices.

Kiosk features a touch-less UV-C Box to disinfect bag, cell phone and keys in less than 10 Seconds. UV-C Box kills 99% Viruses and Bacteria within 10 seconds on exposed surface


  • Early recognition and management of COVID-19
  • 4 Quick Precautions
  • Detects Fever
  • High Fever indicates syndromes associated with COVID-19
  • Checks Oxygen levels (SpO2)
  • Oxygen level below 90% indicates syndromes associated with COVID-19
  • Touch-less Hand Sanitizer
  • Decreases the risk of getting sick and spread of Virus
  • Disinfection Chamber for Bag, Mobile, Keys etc. by UV-C
  • UV-C kills 99% Virus in 10 seconds thus reducing the spread

The Solution displays and records all data at a single location

Use Areas

SelfCheck Kiosk solution is need of the hour, it can be installed at various public places such as Office areas, Schools, Community Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Railway Station, Airports etc., for the public safety and welfare.


  • Touch-less fully automated kiosk
  • Detects body temperature of user standing in front of device Temperature detection in 1 second
  • Blood Oxygen & Heartbeat measurement
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Verbal Warning / Success message plus LED traffic light system User-friendly Verbal Instructions
  • UV-C Box kills 99% Virus / Bacteria Compact design Ultra-slim footprint
  • Built-in PC to support the application needs

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