LenelS2 BlueDiamond Mobile Readers

Kuwait Computer Services provides various LenelS2 BlueDiamond Mobile Reader Solutions for securing your physical premises using card readers and your mobile to limit access to intruders and to maintain secure access to your office buildings and premises securing it from internal and external IT Security Threats and Breaches.Facility managers can now use mobile credentials to accommodate approved visitors without the need to register with security or be issued a temporary access badge.

Here’s how the mobile solution works:

  • A badge number is assigned and sent to a Cloud-based server and the access controller.
  • Before arriving at the building, a visitor receives an email including a badge invitation, authorization to activate the credential and a link to a mobile app.
  • The app will detect building door readers and display them on the visitor’s smartphone.
  • Tapping the desired door allows the app to authenticate the reader and access is granted or denied by the controller.
  • Also, the mobile credentials can’t be lost and can be reused, transferred and remotely deactivated, unlike printed plastic ID badges.

Smartphones are more secure than plastic credentials, requiring possession of the device, a security code or biometric verification, the app and downloaded credential.

Facility managers can also require additional authentication via wall-mounted biometric readers using iris scans, facial recognition or fingerprints. Personal identification numbers (PINs) can also be entered through the phone’s keypad.

Using appropriate privacy safeguards and consent, facility managers may take advantage of smartphones’ built-in GPS technology to know where each device (and its owner) are located.

Access can be limited to only those doors required for the person to complete his or her job.

Smartphones are routinely carried by people, making the need to carry an access card in the wallet or hanging from a lanyard unnecessary.
Additionally, the cost of smartphones, the personal data they contain and the fact that they are carefully managed, make it less likely for the phones to be loaned to another employee, lost or stolen.Also, smartphone ownership is becoming standard.

Readers capable of supporting both traditional cards and smartphone credentials exist today in order to facilitate all needs.
lenel reader A special version of the BlueDiamond Mobile reader can be hidden in a wall or ceiling or installed next to an existing reader without replacing it. This add-on reader provides Bluetooth capability to most existing installations, allowing you to protect your investment in current readers and badgesThese readers allow for a phased approach to the newer technology.Add-on readers, hidden in a wall or a ceiling, add Bluetooth capability – required for smartphone credentials  to most existing installations.

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