Welcome to Kuwait Computer Services

Kuwait Computer Services is a local Kuwaiti Company established in the mid 1970’s. We are the Leading Security Systems Integrator in Kuwait providing Cutting Edge Technologies & End to End Solutions.

The company has an international strategic alliance that covers a large scope of technology. LENEL Systems is one of the most important international technology providers used by Kuwait Computer Services. Both companies enjoy an international strategic alliance that enables effective solutions delivery to clients with global reach.

In addition, the company is equipped by local and global engineering teams that work on project management and technical support. The strength of Kuwait Computer Services resides in its yearly certification of the engineering teams and their constant update to inhouse technology systems.

Kuwait Computer Services can be your local partner in producing solutions that meets your needs as a valued client. The modularity of the solutions enables the company to have incremental deployment plans.

For more details on our products, kindly download our profile.